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You are here because...

You play the oboe and are seeking to expand your skill-set

You want to play the oboe

You know some one who does!


Well, welcome, my friend! Why the oboe, you may ask?  It is a beautiful and challenging instrument, and I greatly enjoy using it as a tool to teach perseverance, critical-thinking, problem-solving, focus, and self-motivation.  As you may have guessed from this description, the oboe tends to attract highly-intelligent, curious thinkers.  Not only do I want to help show you or your child what you are capable of, I want to nurture and strengthen that thirst for learning!  


Most of my private lessons take place in my home studio in Lakewood, Ohio.  However, I also have teaching relationships with Brecksville-Broadview Heights, Harding Middle School, Lakewood High School, Shaker Heights Public Schools, and Hathaway Brown, and I teach at those locations once a week.

I also offer digital lessons.  I've taught students all over the country and all of the world with great success!  I prefer to see those bright shining faces in person, but having access to excellent training no matter you location is an invaluable resource.

All of my private students are required to develop their reedmaking skills.  We start with tying reeds and developing knife technique, and we work to develop problem solving skills and cause-and-effect, cane selection, knife-sharpening, and finishing oboe reeds.



Chamber Music Workshops

The North Coast Winds specialize in developing chamber music workshops tailored to age and experience.  Click "NCW" on the menu for more info.

Double Reed Duo

Bassoonist Arleigh Savage and I provide and inside look to these less familiar instruments.  We perform together and individually, highlighting the unique sights and sounds of the oboe and bassoon.  We also discuss our musical backgrounds, including what drew us to our instruments, followed by a Q&A session, and mini-lessons.

"Music goes beyond words in its power to express human emotion. It is both the form and the content of human experience, being both exquisitely precise and richly ambiguous. For children, it constitutes the ultimate education and preparation for life."
-John Adams

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