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Free-blowing and stable, these reeds are built with young players in mind.  Articulation is easy, and the reed vibrates freely while still maintaining depth of tone.  The tips of these reeds are left slightly thicker for longevity.







Responsive, stable, supple, and rich, these reeds are finished over the period of several days to ensure stability and consistency.  With tips thinner than a piece of paper, these reeds are recommended for advanced players, professionals, and coscientious amateurs.









"Oboe-playing is a battle between technology and artistry"

-Eugene Izotov





In addition to personalizing reeds and teaching reedmaking, I offer special discounted rates for my private students as well as students currently enrolled in an El Sistema program.

As a professional oboist and english horn player, I am all-too-aware of the importance of having reliable, high-quality reeds.


Machine-made reeds are often flat and buzzy, and this causes the young oboist to use too much lip pressure and play sharp, loud, and often with fear. Bad reeds force bad playing habits upon oboists of any age and experience level.

Due to increased demand and to my stubborn nature of never selling sub-par reeds, I am no longer offering on-line ordering.  If you wish to place an order, feel free to contact me, and I can give you a predicted wait time.  I generally finish a reed over the course of five days, so that the cane has time to stabilize and to ensure longevity of the reed, and priority is given to my current students.


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