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Teaching Experience

Private Lesson Studio Fall 2000-present

El Sistema at University Circle, Volunteer July-December 2013

Canton Youth Symphony Wind Coach Fall 2013

Conducted and Coached sectionals

Aurora School of Music, Oboe Teacher Feb 2013-May 2013

“Toddler Rock” Series Summer 2013

Created an educational program for a series held at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Introduced the oboe, flute, and bassoon to groups of 70+ 3-6 year olds

Connected specific letters they were learning in class to musical terms

CIM Eurhythmics for children 2-5, Instructor 2012

Lyndon B Johnson High School, Austin, TX 2009-2010

Private Lesson Teacher

Chamber Music Coach

UT Austin Longhorn Music Camp, Oboe Instructor Summer 2010

Taught Private Lessons

Organized and Led Several Masterclasses

Taught Reedmaking Classes

Coached Sectionals

Operational O.B.O.E Summer 2010

Taught reedmakings classes for oboists aged 12-17

Marrowstone Summer Music Festival, Fellow Summer 2008

Coached Chamber Music Groups

Taught Reedmaking

Observed rehearsals and offered feedback to students


Master of Music, Oboe Performance, Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland, OH 2013

Frank Rosenwein, Principal Teacher

Bachelor of Music, Oboe Performance, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 2011

Rebecca Henderson, Principal Teacher


Principal Studies 

Frank Rosenwein, Rebecca Henderson, and Lise Glaser

Additional Studies: 

Elizabeth Camus, Eugene Izotov, Alex Klein, Robert Atherholt, and Daniel Stolper

Master Classes:

Eugene Izotov, Celine Moinet, Jeff Rathbun, Carolyn Hove, Marlyn Zupnick, Alex Klein, Richard Killmer,  Robert Atherholt, Linda Strommen, & Nancy Ambrose King






Music & Food Pairing Event with the International Culinary Institute, Creative Director

  • Organizing full chamber orchestra to perform live

  • Collaborating directly with professional chefs to pair musical works with multiple courses based upon a theme, interplaying specific characteristics such as colors & textures


North Coast Winds, Oboist, Artistic Director, & Outreach Coordinator

  • Organized performances and tailored programs for concerts at libraries, retirement centers, hospitals, schools, after-school programs for “at risk” youth, churches, Juvenile Detention Centers, dive bars, and formal recital venues

  • Demonstrated relevance of classical music through active community engagement; Serve as ambassadors for classical music

  • Performing Educational Series to increase exposure to and garner interest in classical music

  • Collaborating with existing arts programs in Cleveland to allow students with an interest in musical training but a lack of financial resources the tools to learn and perform music

  • Reducing access barriers to high-quality music education and performance

  • Enriching the community culturally through the arts

  • Commissioned local composers to write new works for wind quintet


Reed Scanning Project, UT Austin 2010-2011

  • Independent Study Research Project

  • Conducted all original research

  • Collaborated with the Jackson School of Geosciences

  • Scanned oboe reeds using one of the world’s only non-medical CT Scanners

  • Imaging funded through education grants

  • Calculated internal dimensions/volume of oboe reeds

  • Created a digital rendering of oboe reeds

  • Compared and Contrasted reeds with similar external structures but vastly varying       functional and auditory characteristics

  • Compared and Contrasted the internal physical structure of an excellent reed before and after being “played out” (3D scanning of CT scanner allows specimen to remain intact)

  • Analyzed and compared patterns in physical structure of Arundo donax and acoustic properties of the reed




Frank Rosenwein, Cleveland Orchestra Principal Oboe and CIM Oboe Instructor

Elizabeth Camus, Cleveland Orchestra Retired, CIM Chamber Music Coordinator

Chris Haff-Paluck, CIM Community Outreach Coordinator

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